Sussex Health Care: Leading Healthcare Provider In The United Kingdom

Amanda Morgan Taylor has just been named as the new chief executive officer of the Sussex Health Care in the United Kingdom. The Sussex Health Care is the leading place to go for British citizens who are looking for a place where they can stay to rehabilitate. The facility is located almost 50 kilometers south of London, and people who wanted to receive care services can go to the facility, and they will be accepted by the group of accommodating staff who are ready to help them.

Sussex Health Care has operated for 25 years, and they managed to build a great reputation just by word of mouth advertising. Today, the medical facility is still accepting patients who would want to avail of their care services for elderly and specialized care, and the selection of Amanda Morgan Taylor as the new chief executive officer of the company is just another step towards the modernization of the company. The board of directors for Sussex Health Care believes that choosing Amanda Morgan Taylor to oversee the entire operations of the healthcare facility is the best decision that they have made because of her expertise and knowledge about the industry.


One of the responsibilities attached to Amanda Morgan Taylor is to make sure that Sussex Health Care will keep its status as one of the leading medical facilities in the United Kingdom. They would have to make sure that everything inside the facility is well taken care of, and they should also consider that every step they make is one step ahead of their competitors. The skills needed for a chief executive officer was developed by Amanda Morgan Taylor as early as 1984 when she was promoted to become a service manager. Being in a managerial position at a very young age have helped her master the skills of a true leader. She then used this experience to her advantage and had applied every company to become the head.

Sussex Health Care can be found in a pristine location far away from the city center. The calmness of the place attracts most of the citizens because they believe that a quiet place can hasten the healing process. All of the needs of the patients are also being given to them, and they all have their nurses and care providers that care for them. It is the task of Amanda Morgan Taylor to continue this kind of culture inside the facility to help them retain their ranks.

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Dr. Mark McKenna — Medical Aesthetic Pioneer and Entrepreneur

Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical professional and successful entrepreneur. He earned his Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree from Tulane University School of Medicine in 1999. After completing his academic studies and receiving his M.D. license, Dr. McKenna practiced medicine with his father. At the same time, he founded McKenna Venture Investments, a real estate development company based in New Orleans.


When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, much of Dr. Mark McKenna’s real estate ventures were destroyed. With a “can do” attitude, he set about not only rebuilding his own life but also helping others in the New Orleans area by way of redevelopment efforts focused on low to moderate-income housing.


Dr. Mark McKenna relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 2007. There he founded ShapeMed, an aesthetic and wellness based elective procedure business venture. This entrepreneurial endeavor was a great success. In 2014, McKenna sold ShapeMed to Life Time Fitness Inc., a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock exchange under the ticker LTM. The brilliance of this entrepreneurial move and exit strategy was recognized by Forbes magazine and was written about in the article “These Three Characteristics Will Earn You A Fat Check, ‘Good’ Exit” authored by Cliff Oxford (April 22, 2015 — see: ).


The trail blazing spirit of Dr. Mark McKenna did not stop with the sale of ShapeMed. In July of 2017 he founded OVME (pronounced: “of me”) in Atlanta. OVME is the result of Dr. McKenna’a extensive experience in utilizing state-of-the-art technology in the field of minimally invasive medical aesthetic procedures. The OVME facility features four top-of-the-line treatment rooms as well as a private office for pre-procedure consultations.


This looks to be a very welcome new addition for the residents of the Atlanta area, as described in the January 25, 2018 article posted on by Leslie Kennedy (see: ). Once again, Dr. McKenna seeks to give back to the community he serves. OVME has partnered with the Make-a-Wish Foundation, donating a portion of all procedure fees to this great cause.


The Pardon of Joe Arpaio termed as injustice by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio was pardoned by President Donald Trump recently. Two former newspapermen have released a detailed response his pardon. Arpaio was convicted for criminal contempt by a judge. It is believed that President Trump pardoned Arpaio since he was one of the early loyal supporters. He supported the claims made by President Donald Trump that President Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii.

An independent newspaper known as Phoenix New Times ran by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin published several stories about Joe Arpaio about ten years ago. Some of the stories covered by the newspaper included the tent city which he had created, concentration camp, and the death of inmates in his jail among many other unpleasant stories about him.

When Joe Arpaio had of these stories, he ordered for the arrest of Michael Lacey and his counterpart Jim Larkin, sending his deputies to the houses of the two newspapermen to have them arrested.

The deputies arrived at the houses of Lacey and Larkin at midnight, arrested them and hauled them to one of Arpaio prisons using unmarked vehicles.

Lacey and Larkin were released the following day after the county’s prosecutor refused to charge them with any offense and due to the public demand to have them released. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey sued the county because of these events. They successfully won the case, and the court awarded them $3.75 million.

They put the money into Frontera Fund where the money is being used to defend people whose rights have been violated throughout Arizona. Most of the people benefitting from this program are migrants and Hispanics.

Immediately after Donald Trump pardoning Arpaio, Michael Lacey released a statement, in his statement, Michael Lacey said that he was in full agreement with what Rex Tillerson said about Trump, that Trump was a complete idiot.

He said that the statement made by Rex could be proved by the fact that Donald Trump has pardoned the most corrupt person, Joe Arpaio.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin attended Arizona State University, during a period when students were protesting against the Vietnam War among other issues.

That was late 1960’s to early 1970’s. They dropped out from the university and started a free campus newspaper with Jim Larkin as the Chief Executive Officer and Michael Lacey as the executive editor. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The company aimed to inform the public about the real course of the protests, something that Phoenix had blackened. Gradually, Phoenix New Times achieved a lot of success under the leadership of Michael Lacy and Jim Larkin.

They managed to build a nationwide independent newspaper under the Village Voice Media. The company grew and had 17 newspaper in big cities and large markets such as New York.

The company was sold to new ownership in 2013, known as Voice Media Group. Lacey and Larkin said that the pardon of Joe Arpaio is a miscarriage of justice and compared the relationship between Arpaio and Trump as marriage between two very corrupt people.

Hussain Sajwani: ‘Trump’ing All The Others

Dubai resident Hussain Sajwani is an entrepreneur and local businessman. What has made him most famous are his different business deals with U.S. President Donald J. Trump. The two teamed up to construct villas and golf courses in Dubai.


Formal Education and Other Employment

Once Sajwani was finished with his secondary education, he chose to go to the University of Washington located in Seattle, Washington. He focused on economics. After he completed his degree, Sajwani took a job as a contract manager for GASCO.


He left GASCO to work for the well-known Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. He wanted more than to work for others though and eventually invested in a catering business. He continued investing and began erecting hotels that he had specifically designed for the travelers who had started to travel to his homeland. He launched his own investment firm and named the company Twilight Investment.


The Hussain Sajwani Family

Various media journalists who have interviewed Sajwani confirm that he credits all of his success in both his business dealings and in his life to his family. He notes that they have always been his source of inspiration. They encourage his well-known entrepreneurial drive. Sajwani was first exposed to employment in the real world as a boy while working for his parents. There he began to learn the skills that contributed to his later success.


The DAMAC Group

At present, Hussain Sajwani is DAMAC owner, founder, president, current chief executive officer, and present chairman of the growing DAMAC Group. The business is presently headquartered in Dubai. The DAMAC Group is a part of DAMAC Properties. DAMAC Properties is reported to be one of only a very few real estate-centered business firms in the nation of Dubai.


Sajwani launched the real estate branch back in 1982. The newsworthy successes of the firm and the eventual launching of additional business investments are reported to the end result of Sajwani’s diehard determination, business acumen, and work experience in the real world. Hussain Sajwani has other business interests in such locales as London, Jeddah, Doha, Amman, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, and Beirut.