How the Madison Street Capital Company Has Grown Its Reputation

Financial problems come up in just about any company or corporation. If you’re struggling to keep things afloat, need assistance with budgeting or just want to start merging or investing, hiring a capital management agency like Madison Street Capital is a great way to prevent problems from coming up in the future. The fact that Madison Street Capital has been around since 1994 and has since helped thousands of professional business owners is why they are one of the most trusted agencies in the world, not even just the country. In fact, they have four different offices throughout the world, making it effortless to get in contact with them and hire them for the amazing services that they offer.


There are so many different things that Madison Street Capital is able to do for you. Not only can they help with wealth management and mergers that you might be going through, but they can assist with bankruptcy problems and anything tax-related that your company has going on right now. This is a company that can pretty much take on any and all of your financial problems so that you no longer need to worry that it is something you have to handle yourself without the knowledge and experience that is needed to do things correctly.


Along with being a prime choice for many of the largest corporations in the world, Madison Street Capital has worked with individuals like yourself to better help with capital management. Before you attempt to handle the problems yourself, it is important that you contact Madison Street Capital and see if they can help you out. This is a way for you to know that you’re doing something beneficial for yourself and will no longer need to worry that you’re having to deal with finances along with the running of the business that you have created and launched yourself.


Madison Street Capital is a choice that you will not soon regret and according to many of its positive reviews, it is no wonder that a lot of people have been choosing this option for their own needs and know that this is a company they can trust for themselves. You can contact Madison Street Capital and hire them for this specific need and have them working for you in no time at all. This is the reason so many people are choosing this for themselves and are finding the agency to be a great option in their many needs and to help the overall running of the company that they have opened right now and are struggling with because they are not getting this type of help that is going to be beneficial for them in any way.


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How Larkin and Lacey Helped To Expose Joe Arpaio

There have been quite a few controversial presidential pardons over the years but the most recent is that of Joe Arpaio, the scumbag sheriff notorious for committing heinous crimes against humanity. This is the story of how his fiendish antics were finally brought to light.

About ten years ago, Arapaio was still the sheriff of Maricopa County who was constantly irked by the spotlight the media had shined on him. He was particularly infuriated with two people in particular.

Michael Lacey is the executive editor of Village Voice Media newspaper and Jim Larkin is the CEO. The two of them would unwittingly became Arpaio’s next target.

At the time, Village Voice Media was publishing multiples articles and stories exposing Arpaio for the corrupt scumbag he is. However, the two were completely unaware of the fact that they were currently the subject of a grand jury investigation.

This eventually led to them getting arrested. However, they were released shortly thereafter and promptly filed a lawsuit against Arpaio for wrongful imprisonment in which they exposed even more of his corrupt activities and malpractices.

The case was eventually settled out of court with the plaintiffs being awarded $3.7 million. This was the beginning of the downfall for the criminal known as Joe Arpaio.

The scandal surrounding the lawsuit resulted in Arpaio losing the next election for Sheriff which would have been his seventh term. Then he incurred more legal trouble after being charged with contempt in connection with the Melendres lawsuit.

It was only by worming his way into the good graces of Donald Trump that he was able to receive a presidential pardon. Trump was inclined to pardon Arpaio due to his endorsing him during his campaign as well as the need he felt to appease those idiots that Trump calls his base.

Born to a construction worker, Michael Lacey grew up in the late 60’s in Newark, New Jersey. He eventually matriculated at Arizona State but dropped out after attempting to fight back against the conservative rhetoric being spread throughout the campus.

Eventually, he met Jim Larkin with whom he would become business partners and they created a newspaper called New Times in which they tackled the most prominent political and social issues facing the nation.

In 1983, they purchased Westword, a news and arts paper located in Denver and this would eventually lead to their employment at the Village Voice.

Of course, Arpaio is not out of the woods just yet. Due to his racist views and policies, many human rights and activist organizations have risen up over the years in an attempt to fight back against his racist and hateful rhetoric.

These groups are especially adamant about protecting the Latino community that Arpaio consistently tried to oppress every chance he got and these groups have made progress. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Twitter

In 2017, he was charged with criminal contempt which could lead to him serving up to six months in prison. Hopefully, with this new lawsuit, he’ll finally be forced to face the music and receive the lengthy jail sentence he so richly deserves.

Finally! Inmate Cell Phone Problem Solved

There is exciting news for the prison industry and for law enforcement officials all around the country. There has always been a problem of inmates using illegal cell phones. They can use these cell phones to stay in contact with former inmates or partners in crime that have not yet been captured. They can get people to smuggle in contraband. They can operate their criminal networks and direct crimes.


Robert Johnson knows this from first hand experience. He was a correctional officer who confiscated contraband. In retribution, inmates who had access to a cell phone managed to get in touch with a former inmate, who came to Robert’s house at five thirty in the morning and shot him in the chest six times. It was a miracle that Robert survived.


Now, Robert is a paid consultant for Securus Technologies. The truth is that there have been many solutions that were brought up for this problem. However, none of them worked until Securus Technologies came along with their Wireless Containment Solution.


One of the solutions, of course, is to prevent cell phones from being smuggled into the prisons. However, that is not always possible. It is hard to detect when family members or friends of inmates quietly drop a cell phone to an inmate they are visiting. The next solution is to confiscate the cell phones. However, that is also not a great solution, because it is simply not practical to know about every single cell phone that is being hidden in the prison cells.


There have been many companies that have introduced various systems and solutions to the problem. However, none of them have really worked. These companies simply did not have the technology to prevent the calls from being made. At the very best, these solutions would detect when a call was being made from a prison, but it could not prevent the call. That means that the inmate was able to direct a crime before police could prevent it from happening.


Securus Technologies came up with a better plan. Their Wireless Containment Solution actually prevents calls that are made by illegal cell phones in a prison facility. The solution provides an alternate mobile phone network for the prison, and only cell phones that have been authorized are able to make calls or access mobile data. All other cell phones can not. It also means that nobody can call those cell phones. This way, inmates have no way of getting around the system. They can not do anything with their illegal cell phones anymore. Many prison facilities around the country have been using this solution.

Roberto Santiago Offers Something For Everyone With Manaira Shopping Mall

People in Brazil love Manaira Shopping Mall. And with good reason. It has everything they need and want. Opened in 1989 by Brazilian businessman Roberto Santiago, Manaira Shopping Mall not only has hundreds of places to shop, the 93,000 square foot mall also has almost a dozen cinemas, all types of entertaining activities, a gym, a financial institution and even a school. The mall has become so wildly popular, it has made the city of Joao Pessoa in which its located more prosperous than ever. And all of Brazil has one person to thank for all the mall offers, Roberto Santiago.


Known to many in Brazil as a popular writer and talented competitor in both kart and motocross racing, Roberto Santiago grew up in the same Brazilian city where he built the Manaira Shopping Mall, Joao Pessoa. Santiago first developed an interest in business while working at Café Santa Rosa. He enjoyed interacting with the customers and was soon a favorite of management, staff and everyone with whom he interacted. When he got the opportunity to go into business on his own, Roberto Santiago made the most of it. He started a company that made cardboard boxes and decorative cardboard ornaments.


Roberto Santiago’s cardboard box company diversified the type of products it offered and flourished. Encouraged by his success, Santiago began investing in a number of other business ventures. In 1987, he decided to built Manaira Shopping Mall. Understanding the importance of keeping shoppers entertained, Roberto Santiago included a wide range of entertainment options in the mall. Soon after it was launched in 1989, it became clear that Manaira Shopping Mall more than just a place to shop. It was somewhere people young and old could enjoy spending their free time.


When Roberto Santiago expanded the shopping mall by adding a two-level events venue on the roof that could accommodate 10,000 people, Manaira Shopping Mall became even more popular. The newest addition, called Domus Hall, quickly became the place where people held great live concerts featuring the top Brazilian and international entertainers. Art exhibits, business conferences, festivals, graduations and weddings are also held at Domus Hall. With people coming from all over Brazil to shop and enjoy themselves at Manaira Mall, the facility soon became an economic engine that brought money and jobs to Joao Pessoa and the surrounding communities.


Now that he has realized there is a demand for multipurpose facilities like Manaira Shopping Mall, Roberto Santiago has begun planning and building similar malls in other parts of Brazil. These days a growing number of people all over Brazil see Roberto Santiago as the country’s best businessman. This son of Joao Pessoa is now regarded as a local hero.

Ryan Seacrest’s Awe-inspiring Career

Ryan Seacrest seems to continue prospering in different aspects of his life. Ryan is a co-host of a leading talk show. Mr. Seacrest also hosted the popular American Idol show. Kelly and Ryan have a great working relationship and bring charming energy to the show. Their show has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years. Currently, more than three million people view their show on a daily basis. Ryan interacts with his audience amazingly as shown by the way he takes pictures with them.


After Ryan and Kelly are done with their morning show, Seacrest goes to a recording studio to record another popular radio show. The radio show has an audience of about 20 million people on a weekly basis. After his radio show, Ryan spends the rest of his day working on other projects and preparing shows.

Just before the American Idol show starts, Ryan will be traveling to Los Angeles to rehearse. However, after the rehearsals, he will go back to New York to continue with his shows. Ryan works tirelessly to stay on top. He also hosts others events and shows such as iHeart Radio Music Awards, and the Jingle Ball. Ryan is also the host and producer of ABC’s New Year’s Eve show.


Ryan Secret is an American star who produces other 12 popular television programs. Ryan is an accomplished entrepreneur who has invested in Pinterest among other companies. The radio personality also donates to charitable organizations. Ryan is always busy trying to finish his huge workload.


Ryan launched a menswear brand that made approximately $50 for one year. Ryan uses his fame and appearance on television as one of his marketing strategies. Since Seacrest started serving at the American Idol as the host, he has shown a sense of fashion and detailed tailoring. Ryan partners with major brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Levi’s to offer quality products such as belts, ties, and cufflinks among others.


Mr. Seacrest was raised in Atlanta. Ryan has been popular since 1994 when he hosted popular kid shows. Later on, he started serving at 98.7 FM which is a radio station based in Los Angeles. In 2002, Ryan started serving as the American Idol host. Ryan is an energetic individual who keeps his audience entertained all the time.


Jeremy Goldstein is a founder and partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC. The law firm specializes in services such as advising management teams, compensation committees, and CEO’s on executive compensation.


Jeremy Goldstein has noticed that recently many companies are not giving their employees the option of owning stock. However, there are some main points that are stopping these companies from allowing their staff to own stock. They include the following:


  • Most of these companies consider the stock options as an accounting burden to them. Therefore, their accounting costs become even more costly than the financial benefits they should accrue. In addition to this, some employees don’t think of the added stock options benefits and instead, they would want their salaries increased.
  • The companies are also afraid of losing out on their money in the unfortunate cases when the value of the stock declines. This means that they will have to meet the unaccounted expense once the stock rises again. This shift in accounts scares the companies from giving out stock options which might have an unsteady value.
  • Some employees may opt out of the stock options settlement. This is because most of them are afraid that when the stock option declines then they might end up with worthless stock. It’s even worse when the company loses the account altogether.


Even though some of these companies might brush off the stock options, there are several advantages associated with it. These advantages include the following:

  • The stock option is an incentive for the employees. This is due to the fact they know that their interests are also invested in the future of the company.
  • Some companies prefer the stock options because the employees find it an equal value in the company. Compared to equities, salary increase and insurance, the stock options provide a level ground.
  • Some rules and regulations placed by revenue agencies might make it harder for employees to gain some benefits like gaining equities. This is because companies might face huge taxes due to them. However, the case is different for stock options. Learn more:


Regardless of the negative aspect of stock options, companies might choose to embrace some strategies that will ensure their success. These strategies include methods of ensuring that the stock options always have the same value regardless of the situation. To avoid overhang companies can also ensure that they don’t call out their stock unless the situation is dire and urgent. In these cases, they can also have disclosure clauses in their documents that ensure the safety of the employees.



After working in various reputable law firms, Jeremy Goldstein started Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates in 2014. The business lawyer has more than 15 years experience in this industry.


Mr. Goldstein has a JD Law from New York University’s school of law. In addition to this, he also has a BA from Cornell and a Masters of Arts from the University of Chicago.