Finally! Inmate Cell Phone Problem Solved

There is exciting news for the prison industry and for law enforcement officials all around the country. There has always been a problem of inmates using illegal cell phones. They can use these cell phones to stay in contact with former inmates or partners in crime that have not yet been captured. They can get people to smuggle in contraband. They can operate their criminal networks and direct crimes.


Robert Johnson knows this from first hand experience. He was a correctional officer who confiscated contraband. In retribution, inmates who had access to a cell phone managed to get in touch with a former inmate, who came to Robert’s house at five thirty in the morning and shot him in the chest six times. It was a miracle that Robert survived.


Now, Robert is a paid consultant for Securus Technologies. The truth is that there have been many solutions that were brought up for this problem. However, none of them worked until Securus Technologies came along with their Wireless Containment Solution.


One of the solutions, of course, is to prevent cell phones from being smuggled into the prisons. However, that is not always possible. It is hard to detect when family members or friends of inmates quietly drop a cell phone to an inmate they are visiting. The next solution is to confiscate the cell phones. However, that is also not a great solution, because it is simply not practical to know about every single cell phone that is being hidden in the prison cells.


There have been many companies that have introduced various systems and solutions to the problem. However, none of them have really worked. These companies simply did not have the technology to prevent the calls from being made. At the very best, these solutions would detect when a call was being made from a prison, but it could not prevent the call. That means that the inmate was able to direct a crime before police could prevent it from happening.


Securus Technologies came up with a better plan. Their Wireless Containment Solution actually prevents calls that are made by illegal cell phones in a prison facility. The solution provides an alternate mobile phone network for the prison, and only cell phones that have been authorized are able to make calls or access mobile data. All other cell phones can not. It also means that nobody can call those cell phones. This way, inmates have no way of getting around the system. They can not do anything with their illegal cell phones anymore. Many prison facilities around the country have been using this solution.

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