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No one ever said art was easy, in fact, if you ask any artist they will tell you that it is one of the hardest professional pursuits in the world. The difficulty of the profession, however, is not a barrier to those who honestly and truly feel the call of the muses in their heart and soul. While it has been said that the world needs more artists, a more actuate statement could be that the world needs more passionate artists who give their all into everything that they create. To put is more simply the world needs more artists like Ann Scango.

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Ann started out life as a precarious little girl who loved to romp in the garden and get dirty before heading inside to play with her mother’s art supplies. In many ways, the adult version of Ann is not much different than her 7-year-old self. She still likes to get dirty and play with art supplies, but today she actually gets to create amazing pieces that cause people to think, feel, and react, and best of all she gets paid for it. Ann has done well, finding a home in the bustling and multifaceted arts community in the “Blue Oasis” of creativity and renaissance thinking that can be found in the most unlikely of places, central Texas, that is Austin. Austin has long been known as America’s weirdest city, but the busy and vibrant arts community doesn’t take exception to the moniker, they embrace it as a badge of honor, and chief among them is Ann Scango.

Ann is the founder and sole proprietor of the Scango Collection, a gallery in Austin that not only showcases her own work but gives an outlet to the work of others who are in the same expressive vein as she is. She takes great pride and satisfaction in helping others rise to the top of their creative abilities. She was fortunate enough to have the love and support of a caring mother who encouraged her artists pursuits and allowed her to fall many times before she started to soar. She understands that there are many out there who do not have that resource, and she is attempting to help make the world a better place by providing it.


Ann Scango loves Austin, she loves art, and she loves artists. She is a proud member of an often misunderstood community, and that is perfectly OK with her. As long as she keeps making the incredible art pieces that move us in ways that we never thought possible, it’s perfectly ok with us as well.


Dr. Saad Saad On His Life Accomplishments And Advice To Readers

Everyone has a their own unique life story to tell. Some are quite interesting, storied, and filled with accomplishments. All types of people from all walks of life have experiences that make them who they are today. Dr. Saad Saad has spent over 47 years working as a pediatric and thoracic surgeon with amazing stories that can do on and on.


Dr. Saad Saad was born in Palestine during that was going through lots change. Since his father traveled for work his mother had to pack up all her children suddenly and get on a bus to an unknown place where they would never return. They were taken to West Bank with just the clothes on their backs. Saad Saad’s father would not be aware of this and had to spend a considerable amount of time looking for his family. Finally, he did but had to pay someone with a boat lots of money to see his family again. This was quite a traumatic experience for the family, but they were able to move on from it. Dr. Saad Saad’s father gave a very important gift to his son, the gift of knowledge and told him to get a higher education. He would take this pearl of wisdom to heart. After getting heat stroke working in the hot sun with his brothers in construction, the young man realized an indoor career equipped with air conditioning was for him. Then the bright idea to become a pediatric surgeon came to light and he pursued it heavily.


The young Dr. Saad Saad went to Cairo University to get his formal medical education and training. He was even graduated school as the salutatorian. Some advice that he can give others is not to wait until tomorrow to get things done, but just do it today. You will always give yourself excuses to wait, but if you do what you set out today, then it will certainly get done. Dr. Saad Saad has really taken this lesson to heart and accomplished many goals because of this. His career is filled with many triumphs, awards, and bonuses because he taking things head on and did not wait. Some of his biggest accomplishments include working for Saudi Royalty, going on 12 medical missions to the United States and Jerusalem, and doing over 1,000 surgeries on children who desperately needed them. As a compassionate and caring doctor Dr. Saad Saad can look back and be proud of his life’s work.

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Matt Badiali, the co-founder of freedom checks, is a graduate of Penn University having studied Geology and earth science in 1992. Besides, he got a master’s degree in 2000 from Florida Atlantic University. Again, he has a Ph.D. from the University of Carolina in 2005 in sedentary geology. In the recent past, he launched a video where he educates the public on the concept of checks. The footage reveals him expounding the new opportunity that will enable most Americans to realize financial freedom in the energy sector. The checks strategy was initiated from the natural resource corporations aiming to increase their returns for the coming years. According to the estimated reported that the investors could get dividends amounting to $34.6 billion, according to Matt Badiali in his research, he said that companies are about to realize 5,889, 8839 percent profits. Checks companies give about 90% of their gains to investors that are free from tax. The purchase of freedom checks is a simple step to take as one can get the checks in his/her mail. The freedom checks strategy has earned Matt Badiali many profits. For instance, he bought a gold mining stock at $0.6% share and later sold it making 4,400 percent profit.

Why Invest in Checks?

Checks is a real investment strategy where investors get their returns for the capital they invested. The profits are realized on a monthly basis or quarterly. When investors spend on checks, they buy company units, and they expect benefits that depend on the performance of the company. Such companies include public companies like those of gas and energy. Over 568 companies have subscribed to the master limited partnerships, and they have proven a reasonable rate of dividends to the investors. Badiali, the co-founder of freedom checks, is not marketing the check instead he is transferring his wealth strategy to the public. Checks are a legitimate business of getting money from your investments. Various testimonies have revealed the returns investors are obtained from the freedom checks for instance; investors have been confirmed to get dividends to a tune of $24,075 and $160,923.

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What makes Peter Briger such a good choice for Co-CEO?

Peter Briger made it to the list of top four hundred most influential business professionals. While some may not have seen this coming those who know his work ethic knew that it was just a matter of time before he started receiving recognition from Forbes and the likes. His career has been filled with achievement, and these achievements have seen him go through the ranks to get to where he is today. He began this growth at Princeton University, where he studied for his B.A. This would then enable him to get a job at Goldman Sachs, where he had made partner by 1996. Peter Briger understood the need to constantly better yourself, and this is the reason why he joined various professional organizations before returning to school at the Wharton School of Business for his MBA. He would then get back to Goldman where he joined various committees and lead a number of funds established within Goldman all designed to cater for various markets at a time when investment opportunities were popping up from virtually all corners of the globe. Asia was a hot spot at the time, and he would focus a lot of his effort and resources to this market, something that made his somewhat of an expert on Asian markets and investing here.

Peter Briger was then headhunted to join the Fortress Investment Group where he would be in charge of the credit division that the group was about to establish. The Fortress Investment Group has been growing rapidly and had spotted an opportunity in credit financing something they were keen on investing in given their need for growth from the three-billion-dollar group they had become. Once Peter Briger was at the head of this division he embarked on growing it and by 2006 it had earned him a spot on the Board of Directors. He would continue his rise in the organization and is today the Co-CEO of the group which is now responsible for assets worth more than 32 billion dollars. The group recently announced a new round of funding targeting 5 billion dollars, which he shall be firm be in control of. Meet Pete Briger: A Titan in the Investment and Finance World

Victoria Doramus on Drug Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction poses a challenge to many people face on a regular basis. It requires a lot of determination for you to get rid of this problem. If you suffer from such a problem, know that you are not alone. Victoria Doramus has gone through the same problem and now shares her story with everyone to encourage people who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction.

Victoria Doramus went to rehab for the first time when she was 26 years. At this point, her life had already become unmanageable. She was addicted to cocaine and Adderall, which was a lifelong struggle with the drug addiction. Victoria Doramus had tried to do self-rehab, but it failed miserably and made the situation even worse. As a result of her self-reliance, her addiction problem became serious, and at some point, she even became homeless. There was no one she could turn to for help; she was all alone. It was during this time that she decided to go to yet another rehabilitation center. She had to go through a 12-step program to help her get rid of her addiction. Finally, she acknowledged the fact that she had made bad choices in life.

Her advice to people who are struggling with drug addiction is that change is possible and it starts with you. You may think that you have fallen hard into addiction, but you must be willing to take the first step to improve your behavior. Victoria Doramus also advises that addicts should be transparent with themselves. It is vital that a person becomes honest and acknowledge that they have made poor decisions. By doing so, you will recover and take control of your life.

Bank Clerk to Bank President: The Incredible Story of Trabuco Bradesco

     When Lázaro de Mello Brandao announced his resignation on October 10, 2017, it came as a surprise to many. He had been at the helm of Bradesco for the last 27 years, and at 91 he had worked at the bank for a total of 75 years. At the time of his resignation, he was the world oldest banking executive. With his resignation, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had to step up to the position, and this meant that he would hold the position of CEO and president of the board of directors simultaneously until a new CEO could be appointed. Bradesco being the second largest bank in Brazil meant that automatically Trabuco Bradesco became one of the most influential figures in the Brazilian financial world. Having worked for Bradesco for a total of forty years Trabuco Bradesco is well adept with the bank’s operations and is fully capable of taking on a role that has only had three predecessors. He was first employed as a bank clerk at the age of seventeen. He worked for some years in various junior positions across various departments before he joined the bank’s management team. His incredible career as marketing director would really put him on the radar, and from that point on he seemed to only get one influential position after the other. He was elected CEO of Bradesco Vida e Previdência in 1992, and he held the position for six years before being elected managing director of Bradesco.

Trabuco Bradesco then became the executive vice president of the bank in 1999. This position gave him a realistic chance of becoming the bank’s CEO. This position became even more apparent when he was appointed President of Bradesco Seguros. This was in 2003 and by 2006 Trabuco Bradesco had grown Bradesco Seguros’ insurance portfolio to 25 percent market share. This achievement would accord him a number of accolades which included insurance personality of the year and Business Sector Leader as awarded by Gazeta Mercantil Business Leaders Forum. As Lázaro de Mello Brandao left Bradesco, he was confident that he had left the position in very capable hands.


Eric Lefkofsky Is A Phinalthropist Who Has Made A Notable Difference

Eric Lefkofsky has spent numerous years focusing on charities. His most current endeavors are in the field of medicine. He founded Tempus because he believe effective medical care begins with data. Tempus provides data for oncologists including treatments and tumors. The company uses machine learning in the operating system to make information serviceable and accessible. This mean oncologists can identify the type of treatment best suited to different types of tumors leading to more individualized care for patients.

Eric Lefkofsky has also contributed to Rise of the Rest. Steve Case and J.D. Lance are the founders. The investors include Eric Schmidt and Jeff Bezos. The organization is concerned with the areas of the country without a well functioning technology sector. The organization believes the largest portion of seed money to establish new start ups goes directly to Silicon Valley. This leaves areas like the Rust Belt with potential and raw talent but few high tech startups. Rise of the Rest helps establish start ups in areas where technology sectors are lacking. This enables more people to be a part of American dream. When startups are located throughout the country, the expectations are the country will feel less divided politically, culturally and socially. This may make politicians more cooperative in solving problems and less partisan.

Eric Lefkofsky also serves numerous organizations within his hometown. This includes the Museum of Science and Industry, the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and World Business Chicago. In 2006, Eric Lefkofsky established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The main goal of the foundation is supporting other humanitarian groups in their work. They find organizations making a lasting and positive impact on the population and provide them with funding. This includes charter schools, theaters, community medical centers, political PACs, museums and so much more. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation focuses their finances on human rights, health, the fine arts, education and the performing arts.

William Saito Has Success From an Early Age

As an entrepreneur, William Saito excels at technology. One major factor to his success is his early exposure to technology such as biometric software. He has programmed such software since he was young. As a matter of fact, William Saito talks about the type of work he has done with computers when he was in fifth grade. This was in a time when computers were a lot simple. This was also time before smartphones and portable computing devices have become common place. With everything he has done at the time related to protection, he has gained a lot of insight on the cyber world which has helped him as an entrepreneur for cyber-security.

This early age experimentation with the cyber world has given him the confidence to pursue a career in cyber-security. As a college student, he has founded I/O Software because of his ability to take apart computers and figure out the inner workings. With all of the knowledge about how computers, he has been able to build successful businesses around computers. He has eventually gotten involved with the protection of users from cyber-threats such as malware and hackers. He worked as an entrepreneur in this industry and has shared some industry changing insights with others.

One of the most important aspects of William Saito’s success is that he is passionate about making sure that users are protected from attacks. He does not care that much about who is providing the protection. He cares more about how well the clients are protected. He wants the industry as a whole to succeed in giving protection to the users. Therefore, he shares his insights with others on various issues such as how to deal with victims of an attack. With his insights, clients will feel more comfortable going to cyber-security providers for any issues they may have,

Bob Reina is a Successful Entrepreneur who always gives back to the Society through Participating in Philanthropic Acts

As a visionary, Bob Reina is always confident about all his endeavors. With that said, he always sticks to his motto, ‘I Will.’ By always sticking to this two words, Bob Reina is always able to handle the various tasks that present themselves on a daily basis head on. Apart from being able to handle the various challenges that come about on a daily basis, the simple words ‘I Will’ have also molded Bob Reina into a suitable leader who has been able to steer his global business to great heights.


Background Check


We all have that driving force that always keeps us in check at all times. Also, glaring at the past and also having a peek at what we are set to achieve in the future keeps us in check. As for Bob Reina’s case, he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth in his mouth. Nevertheless, after founding Talk Fusion, Bob Reina has been able to contribute heavily when it comes to technological advancements.


Bob Reina Gives Back to the Society


After succeeding in life, it is always good to give back to the society. As for Bob Reina, he usually participates in philanthropy from time to time. Bob Reina gives back to the society and interacts with the various beneficiaries. By doing so, Bob Reina is able to showcase the benefits of philanthropy thereby being able to attract other successful individuals to board the philanthropy bandwagon.


Bob Reina Inspires Others


It is evident that every successful individual has a tale to tell. In the journey to success, people do come across various ups and downs. Nevertheless, the spirit of persistence is what keeps people going. As for Bob Reina, he has seen it all, and he is inspiring other individuals by giving them insights on the various tips that you should incorporate in order to succeed. Among the factors that one must consider are such as time management. By managing your time properly, you are bound to achieve your set goals. All in all, Bob Reina the CEO of Talk Fusion always talks depending on the various factors that led to his current success as a technology enthusiast.




The road to success might be quite murky. However, the spirit to forge on is what keeps you moving. As for Bob Reina, he did not emerge from a rich background, but through being innovative, he was able to come up with Talk Fusion. Not only has Talk Fusion been of great benefit to him, but Reina has also been using Talk Fusion to help others in the society through various acts such as philanthropy.

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