Genucel 5 Tips for Youthful Skin

The new Genucel skin therapy cream works to make you look more youthful in a mere five easy steps, a truly convenient solution for those who to retain their beauty for longer in life. The steps are as follows:

1. Use the Stem Cell Therapy Cream based on genuine plant stem cell technology to gain more youthful skin in the easiest manner possible. This easy to use cream will reduce the amount of noticeable puffiness found underneath the eyes.


2. Use the branded Eyelid Treatment to strengthen and firm the skin found on the eyelids. A secret peptide protein solution found in the cream bathes the tired skin with nutrients to revitalize the skin, making it look years younger almost instantly!


3. An additional treatment of the XV product, which contains a proprietary mixture of CoQ10, peptides, and hyaluronic acid will get rid of the wrinkled appearance of the skin. It is these wrinkles which can make even the youngest of people look quite old beyond their years.

4. After the first three steps are complete, it is time yet again to hit the skin around the eyes with a specialized cream called Immediate Effects. This cream gives an additional nutrient bath to the tired skin and lasts an amazing 15 hours per treatment.


5. The final treatment consists of a skin dermabrasion which works on a micro-cellular level to reduce the roughness of aging skin.


All of these products work hand in hand with each other to aid in the quest for reclaimed youth. All claims have been clinically-tested!

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