Steve Ritchie and Papa John’s

Pizza franchise, Papa Johns, has recently made Steve Ritchie Papa Johns its newest CEO. Since being introduced as the new head of the company, Ritchie has made sure that its customers are part of the bigger picture being instilled for the company. In a recent public letter he had written, he made sure to let everybody know that Papa Johns wasn’t about just one person, but a community as a whole. He addressed that change would be made to the current culture of the company so that it could feel more inclusive and diverse. He encourages both staff and customers to hold the company accountable for any mishaps they may happen. For every cultural change that is being made to the company, Ritchie has stated that he will be sure to have a hand in every step in the process to ensure that no incidents can occur.

As per the Insider Louisville, he frequently mentioned in his letter that there will be no intolerance of any sort allowed within Papa Johns. While he stated the intentions of the culture change that will be happening within the franchise, he was quick to give credit to those that had worked hard to keep Papa Johns as successful as it’s been. There are as many as 120,000 team members around the world that come from different backgrounds. With the new changes that will come to the company, he plans on having senior members of the management staff talking and listening to employee and franchise members to make sure that the changes they make will benefit them and make them feel safe in their respected working environments.

The letter itself was not only included on the main website of the franchise but was also sent in promotional emails to those who had been on Papa John’s email list. With his means of communication, Ritchie intends to make Papa Johns a respected and inclusive franchise.

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