The Transparent Triangle – EOS Crystal Review

EOS crystal weightless hydration lip balm is a new lip balm which everyone is raving about. There are a few differences in the EOS crystal lip balm and the original EOS lip balm. The main difference is the EOS crystal weightless lip balm is formulated with a blend of 5 nourishing natural oils to hydrate the lips without the heavy feel of wax. The 5 oils consists of: sunflower seed oil, pesto seed oil, avocado, coconut and shea butter.

The actual lip balm is transparent which also makes it different than the traditional EOS lip balm. EOS has made the crystal lip balm wax-less giving you the hydration you need without your lips feeling heavy and over saturated. As most all EOS lip balms, these can be purchased at your local drug store for at or around the $5.00 price point. This price is comparable to the original EOS lip balms. You can also find this lip balm at beauty stores such as Sephora and Ulta.

The crystal lip balm comes in two flavors; hibiscus peach and vanilla orchard. The smell radiates out of the box and smells really great before opening the packaging. The packaging is very different from the traditional packaging but very cute and stylish. The box is easy to open with easy access to the lip balm. The shape of the lip balm is in a triangle, which is much different than the traditional EOS circle.

The hibiscus peach smells like fruit cake on the outside of the box, but actually smells like peach when you open the lip balm. The lip balm is a little tough to unscrew and when opening the peach scent can be a little overwhelming. Once you apply the lip balm, the shiny crystal may dull out slightly, but still very cute. The lip balm is rich upon application, however, not chunky. The smell is what everyone is raving about; smells delightful.

The lip balm will still do its job hydrating while you eat and drink. It will stay on your lips for close to an hour and not feel heavy or sticky.

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