Paul Mampilly Discusses His Future During Semi-Retirement

Before beginning his career at Bankers Trust in 1991, investor, Paul Mampilly, attended Fordham University, eventually graduating with a Master’s of Business Administration degree. Mr. Mampilly is currently the senior editor of Profits Unlimited with Banyan Hill Publishing, joining the team in 2016 after a successful career on Wall Street helping the ultra-wealthy maintain and grow their fortunes. During his Wall Street tenure, Mr. Mampilly worked for a number of mainstream financial institutions, including Deutsche Bank, ING, and Kinetics Asset Management. While at Kinetics Asset Management, he played a prominent role, managing their hedge fund and growing their assets to upwards of $25 billion. After growing tired of making money for the wealthiest one percent of the world, Paul Mampilly decided to semi-retire, and instead, concentrated on helping the average American to earn and secure wealth. This has proven to be a very lucrative decision, as his newsletter, Profits Unlimited, has since garnered over 90,000 subscribers, while his trading services, True Momentum, and Extreme Fortunes, continue to flourish.

Throughout his career, Paul Mampilly has experienced a number of successes as an entrepreneur, and by his estimation, a key factor in his ability to consistently bring about positive results is his ability to adhere to a strict schedule. Over the course of the last 15 years, his routine has remained relatively unchanged. Each morning, he begins by reviewing the changes that have occurred regarding the North American market, as well as the world market. As one of the most trusted sources of information to his growing audience, it is important that he consistently deliver quality information regarding stocks and upcoming changes in the market. Before making a recommendation, Mr. Mampilly and his team spend an average of 40 hours researching the stock, followed by an additional 30 hours constructing the recommendation, ensuring that the information is both, accurate and approachable. Recently, Paul Mampilly has begun investing more time and energy in the Internet of Things, believing that it is a mega trend that is sure to affect virtually all sectors in the near future.

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