OSI Food Solutions Offers Various Services To Its Customers

OSI Food Solutions is a family owned company that deals with meat solutions. The company was established in 1909 and is based in Chicago, Illinois. Since its establishment, one thing which has remained constant is its unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. To this end, the company has committed employees who ensure customers’ success.

OSI Food Solutions is considered as one of the leading food brands globally. It is a premier global food provider serving more than 500 million people each year across America, Europe and Middle East.

One of the factors that has led to the company being successful is the entrepreneurial passion as well as agility of the top management. Moreover, the company’s management emphasizes on customer collaborations, work ethics, and innovation. This has made the company identify various ways of delivering next-generation food solutions.

To serve its customers better, OSI Food Solutions partners with multiple leading food service as well as retail food brands across the world with the aim of providing food solutions that will excite customers.

As one of the largest privately owned companies across the world, the company has the financial resources and infrastructure to serve its customers effectively. As a result, the company has an extensive capability to source, develop, process and distribute food solutions worldwide.

The company can be trusted to always deliver cutting-edge food solutions to its customers. As such, OSI Food Solutions provide food solutions which deliver value and quality. OSI Food use product development and processing technology which optimizes costs thus making its food solutions affordable.

OSI Food Solutions offers various services to its customers including; trustworthy and efficient supply chain expertise and exceptional culinary skill. The company is an expertise in flavors and this has made it possible for its employees to develop customs food solutions which are precise to the customer’s specifications.

The company is committed to quality assurance and food safety in its operations. Additionally, the company is committed to ensuring sustainability in its extensive network. OSI Group is also committed to innovative research in its operations so as to help bring the best food solutions to customers.

To serve its customers, the company is guided by such core values as acting with integrity, seeking partnership relationships, striving to continuously improve, and exploring innovative solutions. All its employees are committed to acting as a team rather than individuals.

OSI Group has more than 65 meat processing facilities in about 17 countries. More than 200, 000 employees work its facilities thus making it among the largest provider of high quality custom food products.


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Why Invest in Checks?

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How Glen Wakeman’s Launchpad Company Helps Entrepreneurs Attract Funding

After spending close to three decades of his career steering businesses to operational and financial success, Glen Wakeman is turning a new leaf in life. The business growth hacker has now turned to consultancy. And with the establishment of his new company, Launchpad Holdings, Glen seeks to help budding entrepreneurs navigate the murky waters of funding their startups. To achieve this, Glen came up with what he refers to as the five-step methodology plan that every entrepreneur, regardless of their industry of operation, can use to critique and improve the probability of success of their business plan.


The five-step methodology


Glen Wakeman’s startup methodology explores the critical areas of a business plan that every investor is interested in and offers evaluation steps to help the entrepreneur improve them. These include marketing, operations, talent acquisition, finance, and risk management concepts. The methodology asks the entrepreneur such hard questions as whether they have top-notch marketing abilities, whether they have the necessary skills to bring their ideas to life and how they hope to fund the plan as well as how to manage the risks of possible loopholes in their plan.


About Glen Wakeman


The long-term business leader mentions that he arrived at this methodology after numerous interviews with entrepreneurs drawn from multiple industries. He argues that his methodology is just but a summary of the most common challenges faced by these entrepreneurs. He has, however, modified it to include his personal experience gained when he helped his long-term employer, General Electric, build a new division in Latin America from Scratch.


The Launchpad Holdings founder has had a long history of operating in the business world with a special inclination to the finance divisions. He would have his first exposure to business growth while working with General Electric where he started off at the lower service levels before climbing up the management ladder to an executive post within two decades.


His interests in startup financing and helping entrepreneurs would spike later when he was appointed to head of a new Latin America division that only existed in a business plan. Glen Wakeman was charged with the responsibility of actualizing this plan, a role he embraced with open arms. The methodology is, therefore, a summation of his experiences that he hopes to pass on to the next successful entrepreneurs.