OSI Group’s Success As An International Food Provider

The primary reason to seek global expansion is diversifying your market. Being a small business doesn’t imply that you must think small. Technology has made it possible for small business owners to expand their businesses. If it’s something that would work for you, consider going global just like Otto Kolschowsky of OSI Group delved into global expansion.


OSI Group is a prime food provider in the world. It has 20,000 workers in 65 facilities. Its development from humble beginnings to being a significant business is significant to the 20th century economic history of Americans. The firm is growing its presence in the globalized economy.


In 1909, Otto Kolschowsky moved to America in the company of a booming team from Germany. They settled in Chicago. The city boomed with many businesses. It was the center of industry for the country. It was also the entry point for immigrants. Therefore, they established new firms in the town center. After two years of settling in the city, Kolschowsky started a small butcher shop where he served his community. After a decade, he had grown the business by transitioning it into a wholesale meat dispenser and moving it to Maywood. Within the next decade, Otto’s business included his sons thereby rebranding to Otto & Sons.


Otto & Sons continued to stabilize over the years. The brand was one of the most successful businesses in the locality. Although small, it was one of America’s important businesses. Even after World War II, Otto & Sons continued to grow. Perhaps the inclusion of technology contributed to its development as Kolschowsky could preserve food in liquid nitrogen. At the same time, he was approached by Kroc, the head of McDonald’s first franchise. Kroc hired Otto and sons to supply meat to the restaurants.


The next decades saw a significant growth of Otto & Sons. Kolschowsky hired Sheldon Lavin to oversee the financing of the company. Lavin bought the firm’s controlling shares. He also assumed the leadership position thus taking over the company. Today, the company is known as OSI Group with Lavin as the head. OSI Group is now an international food provider with a global presence across 17 countries. The employees are excited to be part of a firm that provides comfortable working environment.

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