Ted Bauman Suggests Ways To Keep Your Physical Assets Safe From Harm Or Theft

Ted Bauman, who is an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, has an educational background that includes advanced degrees in economics and history. He spent 25 years in South Africa where Ted Bauman worked for nonprofits including Habitat for Humanity. He also helped get Slum Dwellers International off the ground which now provides assistance to people in 35 nations.

He says that he learned a lot when he was younger worked jobs at Burger King and McDonald’s. It taught him what it is like to work physically demanding jobs all while getting criticized by managers. Ted Bauman just wishes that he had been more productive early on his career. It took him a while to learn that you should figure out what your most productive time of day is and then perform the bulk of your work during that time.

A relative of his recently passed away and while their children were going through their stuff they found a pile of precious metals, cash, gems, and collectibles. While it’s good to keep some assets out of the hands of financial institutions they should be protected, he says. Ted Bauman said that this relative’s house was once almost engulfed in flames and these assets would have been destroyed.

If you’re going to keep these assets in your home you should protect them from accidents and theft. He shared five ideas for doing so in one of his financial newsletters, The Bauman Letter. The first was to invest in a home safe or lockbox that can be bolted to the ground and is fireproof. You can also keep these assets in a bank’s safe-deposit box. He also recalls that in Greece the banks were once forced to give the government everything in their safe-deposit boxes so that is something to keep in mind.

Ted Bauman says you could get a safe-deposit box at a bank in a foreign country. Switzerland would be the best choice due to their banking laws. He says another choice is an independent vault not managed by a financial institution in the United States or, finally, one in another country.

Michael Hagele Takes Note of the Smaller Technology Ventures in the Tech Industry

Michael Hagele is a lawyer and investment professional. In his in-depth analysis of business he thinks that the best results emerge from iterations of ideas; the effect from which provide disruptive ways of doing things but lead to better solutions. He thinks that it is important to challenge assumptions and adopt new ideas and opportunities as they arise. He is a technology wiz. He currently serves as the General Counsel for a group of companies that deal in technology issues. Connect with Michael Hagele by visiting his linkedin account.

Mr. Hagele Focus Areas of Business

Michael Hagele interacts and deals with companies that pursue technology. He is a respected advisor in the technology field. His clients range from aerospace dealers, internet operators, defense, and biotechnologists. Hagele is profoundly noted for his efforts to prop up emerging technologies and supporting startups in the technology sector. The shrewd investor also has a vast interest in the catering services sector including restaurants and other hospitality businesses. He is a specialist in drafting, negotiating, licensing and the issuance of agreements in the tech sector in both domestic and international markets. Michael further takes care of commercial agreement nuances as long as they relate to technology development. He is widely consulted for both promotional and marketing deals. Intellectual rights matters are another area that the business magnate has invested his energies and resources.

Michael Hagele; Education Background and Career

He has served as a legal counsel for numerous internet companies that have a venture capital backing. He has been in charge of the fine details of operations including protecting the intellectual rights, developing working strategies, corporate governance, stock option analysis, acquisition and merger deals. Being a tech guru, he has also worked and interacted with the top names and organizations in tech and internet development. He worked with the Silicon Valley-based Fenwick & West LLP in the online commerce Group. He graduated from the University of California with a JD. He got his B.A from the University of Iowa. He was interviewed regarding his pursuits in the assisting companies get their documentation right and in negotiating for balanced arrangements regarding patents. He observed that his experience as counsel in-house and for other companies has taught him that even small companies can provide solutions that giant market players in the tech field need.

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