US Money Reserve’s Consumer Friendly Website

The U.S. Money Reserve takes all the guesswork out of investing in precious metals by welcoming you to its website with a prominent picture of Former U.S. Mint Director Philip N Diehl. Phillip N Diehl is now the President of the U.S. Money Reserve.

The website also offers current gold, silver and platinum prices per ounce, with an interactive chart to learn about the value of these precious metals and their stability throughout time. The U.S. Money Reserve offers a free Gold Kit, which gives an opportunity for people who are interested in owning precious metals but never have before, a knowledge base to rely on.

The U.S. Money Reserve also offers one on one consultation, if you are diving into the world of precious metal assets for the first time. They pride themselves on their customer’s security and trust when purchasing hard assets online, knowing the trepidations that consumers may have. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

This one on one experience is extended to shipping out your orders as well, as U.S. Money Reserve will personally confirm your address over the phone before shipping out any orders that you may place. This adds another layer of security and customer service that the U.S. Money Reserve strives for.

When shopping, you will get a description of where your hard investments were minted as well as varying options for size and type of precious metal to purchase.

As always, customer service people are ready to chat online or are just a phone call away if there are any questions about products. You can even set up a time for a representative to call you by filling out a very simple form.

Having hard investments is a great way to diversify your savings portfolio and the U.S. Money Reserve makes it easy to procure the best gold, silver and platinum on the web.

Their website can help you conduct research, shop and even talk to knowledgeable representatives on the subject of precious metals. Whether you are brand new at buying gold or looking for another coin to add to your collection, the U.S. Money Reserve and their website is here to help with security and knowledge.