The New Face Of Fagali’I Airport

On the Island of Opulu, lies Fagali’I Airport. This facility has an interesting story and has come a long way. In 2002, this airport was opened and became of a kind. It was all green grass. This is not a common feature in many airports. The airport continued to serve people until a certain eventuality in 2009.

Certain concerns came up and the government decided to close the airport. Unfortunately, the facility was not convenient for the nearby village. The people had concerns about their safety and the noise. The closure went on for the next four years. In 2009, Fagali’I Airport ceased to be inactive.

The airport was re-opened by Polynesian Airlines. This time the airport did not just resume its usual services. The management of Fagali’I Airport added international flights to American Samoa and Pago Pago. The management also added another airplane to enhance services. Flights happen regularly to several places, which is convenient for travelers.

Fagali’I Airport has experienced a situation where the government shut it down, despite it being part of infrastructure. Opulu is not a very big island but the airport serves a major purpose. Since its re-opening, it has not just benefitted the travelers. Other people too, have reaped from the positive impact of Fagali’I Airport.

Its re-opening increased job opportunities for local people. Polynesian Airlines had to hire more people to fill the new positions. The economy of the island also improved significantly according to The presence of the airport is part of infrastructure. More investors have been attracted to the island. Other economic activities have thrived because of the airport.

Polynesian Airlines is looking forward to greater growth. The future will come with additional airplanes and more routes for flights according to The management also aims at improving services and always offering their clients the best. Having a good relationship with customers is essential for Polynesian Airlines. Their customers are important to them.

When the airport was re-opened, some controversy arose. Today, the community is grateful because of the development influenced by the Fagali’I Airport. Maybe the airport is still facing a few environmental challenges. However, they do not surpass the good that the facility has brought.

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