Quality Education at Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a church establishment located in California. The institution provides quality education to students from low-income families, who cannot afford expensive schools. The institution uses adaptive technology, traditional instructions, and targeted tutoring to take care of the interest of the students and their families. We know that transformative learning is not only about lessons but focuses on parents’ interest,involves students’ inspirational talks, teachers’ empowerment, and involves the community at large. The school intends to eradicate the achievement gap in the society. Rocketship is a work in progress and establishes branches every year. Students come back for more learning session after another even after getting chances to join district schools.

Recent research shows that more than 76 percent of the parents endorse the school to other guardians. Over 50 percent of the guardians sanctioned join the school every year. According to the protocol and practices, we do not retest students based on the past performance. Most importantly, the institution purposes to seek trust from the families and community at large to aid in offering proper education to the Rocketeers.

Today, we use technological advancement to teach the students how to settle various life challenges accordingly. Apart from using technology, we promote advanced education through teaching the students from their homes rather than the teacher-class model. Also, we encourage parent leadership programs where we use the power of the families to make the political leaders as involved with the quality of education offered in the public schools as possible. Thus, the leaders fulfill their promises to change the future of our students in a positive manner.

Rocketship Education recruits educators who are ready to fit into our model and practices. The mindset and skillfulness of the teacher will play a significant role in instilling characters that can help in the entire life of a student. As much as competence is needed, we also require proper feedback from the teachers we employ. Other bodies involved in uplifting the educational life of our kids include financing boards, public agencies, and the authorized school board to bring forth a corrective success.