The Mechanism In The Trabuco

Trabuco is a weapon that was used during the siege of a territory. It is dated from the middle age, and it originated from the Chinese. The weapon was used in hurling huge stones against the wall to shatter it or throwing a projectile over thaw walls. Trabuco was of very great importance at the time of the crusades, and it was at the time the most lethal weapon employed by the Europeans.

Its importance grew because it would launch huge projectiles and over long distances as compared to its counterparts-ballistae, catapults, and mangonels according to Even with this immense sticking power, the machine only used simple mechanisms, easy to construct and also required simple maintenance procedure.

The mechanism used in the machine was to convert the gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy. Some of the lost potential energy was converted to heat and sound. The velocity that the projectile would have was directly proportional to the size of the stone projected on With a higher counterweight, the projectile produced was stronger. There was, therefore, important in doing calculations based on the potential difference, the gravitational potential energy and the kinetic energy to get the proper operation of the Trabuco.

There were two types of Trabuco. The first to be invented was Trabuco that were hand operated. The effort end of the lever of the machine was made to be pulled by humans. The largest of the human-operated Trabuco that has ever been documented was by Wu Jing Yao de Zong. The large weapon was operated by two hundred and fifty individuals and had the power to hurl a weight of 140 pounds over a distance of eight meters. However, they were uncommon because of the hardship in controlling a large number of people. It was also had to produce the same force at very short.

The hybrid Trabuco was invented in the Middle East by the Arabs. It was the advancement of the first Trabuco and had the short effort hand provided with a weight. This provision increased the weapon’s range. The earliest records of the hybrid Trabuco date thirteen centuries and were used in bringing down the Egyptian wall of Damietta. They had the power to hurl weight up to 400 pounds.

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