Bob Reina is a Successful Entrepreneur who always gives back to the Society through Participating in Philanthropic Acts

As a visionary, Bob Reina is always confident about all his endeavors. With that said, he always sticks to his motto, ‘I Will.’ By always sticking to this two words, Bob Reina is always able to handle the various tasks that present themselves on a daily basis head on. Apart from being able to handle the various challenges that come about on a daily basis, the simple words ‘I Will’ have also molded Bob Reina into a suitable leader who has been able to steer his global business to great heights.


Background Check


We all have that driving force that always keeps us in check at all times. Also, glaring at the past and also having a peek at what we are set to achieve in the future keeps us in check. As for Bob Reina’s case, he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth in his mouth. Nevertheless, after founding Talk Fusion, Bob Reina has been able to contribute heavily when it comes to technological advancements.


Bob Reina Gives Back to the Society


After succeeding in life, it is always good to give back to the society. As for Bob Reina, he usually participates in philanthropy from time to time. Bob Reina gives back to the society and interacts with the various beneficiaries. By doing so, Bob Reina is able to showcase the benefits of philanthropy thereby being able to attract other successful individuals to board the philanthropy bandwagon.


Bob Reina Inspires Others


It is evident that every successful individual has a tale to tell. In the journey to success, people do come across various ups and downs. Nevertheless, the spirit of persistence is what keeps people going. As for Bob Reina, he has seen it all, and he is inspiring other individuals by giving them insights on the various tips that you should incorporate in order to succeed. Among the factors that one must consider are such as time management. By managing your time properly, you are bound to achieve your set goals. All in all, Bob Reina the CEO of Talk Fusion always talks depending on the various factors that led to his current success as a technology enthusiast.




The road to success might be quite murky. However, the spirit to forge on is what keeps you moving. As for Bob Reina, he did not emerge from a rich background, but through being innovative, he was able to come up with Talk Fusion. Not only has Talk Fusion been of great benefit to him, but Reina has also been using Talk Fusion to help others in the society through various acts such as philanthropy.

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Going Beyond Dating Into Other Aspects of Life With Whitney Wolfe

One thing that people know is that dating and relationships are not for everyone. As a matter of fact, there are some people that are not going to be in relationships for many different reasons. In some cases, the reason is that they do not want to be in a relationship. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe has decided that Bumble is not going to be just a dating app. There are also going to be features and extensions for people that are just looking for friends or some kind of business opportunity. After all, these are some of the issues that were close to her heart when it comes to women.

The first thing to understand about Bumble is that Whitney Wolfe has originally intended to make a social network for women to meet together and encourage one another. She did not want to get involved in the dating industry. However, someone talked her into creating the most successful and innovative dating app in the industry. She has eventually returned to her original plans for a friendship app for women. One thing that has influenced her is that she had the support of her friends when she has gone through something that was hard.

Whitney Wolfe has also added the business extension to her dating app. One thing that has influenced her is her experience in the workplace and other women’s experience. Meet the Tinder Co-Founder Trying to Change Online Dating Forever. With Bumble Bizz, women can connect with one another to star a business or find some kind of work that suits them the best. However, they have to make sure that they know about the work environment they are going to step into. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe has made Bumble Bizz as something entrepreneurs can use in order to network as well. Whitney Wolfe herself is an entrepreneur who has started many successful businesses.

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The Synergy Of Richard A. Shinto, MD, MBA

Dr. Richard Allan Shinto is recognized as a genius in medical management. It is believed and witnessed that when Dr. Shinto steps on the scene the macro and the micro begin to gel and every relevant thing in between. He assures that everyone on his entire team, from management to client patient, puts the patients’ needs first. He ensures that everyone involved with the Company he’s directing dogmatically engages those activities that improve the experience of the client-patient. When analysts examine the before and after conditions of companies where Dr. Shinto has functioned, the cause and effect glaringly point to his masterful implementation of the perfect managerial, medical and applicable marriage from core to extensions of the Company. He generally explains it like this: ‘a business can succeed in anything if it employs three mandatory anchors, leadership, culture and governance.’


Dr. Richard Allan Shinto has over twenty years of experience in the field of medical management. The collective experience of his management team exceeds a century. He specializes as a physician, in pulmonology and internal medicine, along with the management piece. He currently functions as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of InnovaCare Health Solutions, Inc., registered out of New Jersey, which purchased MMM Holdings, Inc. of Puerto Rico back in the year 2000. One of Dr. Shinto’s first objectives and accomplishments was to advocate for, secure and apply the government’s allowance of private healthcare companies to offer medicare services. He found this essential to assessing, procuring and providing the best medical answers for targeted populations. For instance, at this time, there’s no need for an Ebola vaccine in the USA. This is not to be confused with some type of inappropriate or unwarranted profiling. This is professionally assessing the common needs of a population and making certain that the full scope of one’s offerings encompasses addressing all of those determined needs. Now, where the medical expertise also comes in is in the openness towards research and development to magnify needs based offerings such that more client patients are included versus excluded from the healthcare company’s list of provisions.


A second, crucial objective in improving healthcare on the island of Boricua was to focus on pulling in the client patient. Dr. Shinto directed a massive campaign to help guide all of his potential clients in the care of their own health status. He made sure to communicate to the population his dedication and intimate understanding of their medical needs. He recruited them to proactively seek medical attention whenever necessary by educating them not only regarding illnesses and symptoms but also on options for coverage. He and his team take care of their clientele of patients through various insurances including medicare, medicaid and medicare advantage so that they may have complete access to knowledgeable and caringly managed healthcare.


Dr. Richard Allan Shinto earned his B.S. degree from the University of California, Irvine, his M.D. from Stony Brook, State University of New York and his M.B.A. from the University of Redlands. He received distinction as a Top 25 Minority Executive in Healthcare and 2012 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, New Jersey division. He’s also received nomination as a Top 50 Mecical Director. Under him, InnovaCare has reached the distinction of providing top quality healthcare out of all such companies and he has contributed a significant number of professional articles to his field, as well.


Tony Petrello- Commitment To Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries, top oil and natural gas drilling company in the United States. Nabors Industries does not offer services only in the U.S but worldwide. Currently, it has business operations in 25 counties. It is hired by top oil companies in the world to supply them with the best drilling technology.

Nabors Industries has perfected its drilling technology and is now producing some of the best drilling rigs. The recent growth of this company has been advanced by Tony Petrello who has changed the way this company used to operate. He has invested in the crucial factors in production. One of them is technology and the other human resource. He recognizes that without these two working perfectly, the company can never operate as it should.

Anthony Petrello has contributed to growth in the company for the last two decades. Since he joined the form in 1991, he has been very consistent in recommending brilliant business solutions. One of the things he has done is to ensure that the company is always proactive when dealing with problems which it. These problems could be internal or external. His preparedness to handling challenges encountered in business has been the difference between Nabors Industries and other companies. When others are closing down due to economic challenges, Nabors is booming with business. The company is among the best performers in the country a factor which led to Tony Petrello being ranked as one of the best paid CEOs in the country.

With the growth of this company he has managed to change the oil and natural gas drilling industry. His company is now offering high quality services which have made others to improve their services delivery. The whole industry is now applying technologically advanced methods of drilling since Tony has raised the bar. Although he does not possess any skills in technical matters relating to drilling, he has steered the business side of the company with great precision. A brilliant problems solver, he knows where the problem lies and acts on those areas. His strength as a business leader lies in the ability to resolve problems and coming up with a creative way of handling the challenges.

CEO Tony Petrello has proved that with hard work, it is possible to achieve any dreams one may have. He has given everything while working for this company and in return, he has been rewarded fully handsomely. The company has made him a top-paid CEO. He is now wealthy and able to engage in other activities he feels passionate about such as philanthropy.

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Madison Street Capital Gives Counsel in the Merger between DCG Software Value and the Spitfire Group

Many people in the nation have always wanted to join the corporate world, but it has never been easy. Over the years, entrepreneurs have been failing due to lack of enough knowledge about their businesses and also lack of enough capitalization. Starting a new company may be hectic and cumbersome, but with the help of an excellent advisory firm, your business may grow within no time. Many corporate leaders and CEOs need frequent business evaluation and guidance on how to dominate the global marketplace. Madison street capital has a reputation for excellence, integrity and expertise, and has come through for many startups and large companies.


Madison street capital LLC is a leading provider of corporate finance advisory based in Chicago, Illinois. They have helped many clients in different entrepreneurial sectors. Madison street capital 13 years’ experience is unmatched, and the company has earned a good name for the exceptional services they offer. They have qualified professionals who understand clients and solve every client’s issues with unique strategies. They provide handful services ranging from private equity fund, financial asset management service, business valuation, financial opinion services and hedge fund administration services. The company makes arrangements of appropriate financing and capitalization that match every client’s situation. The financial consulting firm has helped numerous people thrive in their business and have substantially contributed to the growth of many corporates in the nation.


Madison street capital acted as the sole advisors to the DCG Software Value in the mergers with Spitfire Group. Charles Botchway, the chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital, led the transaction process and commenced the process of helping both companies. Commenting on the announcement, Mark Richtermeyer CEO of Spitfire and Mike Harris CEO of DCG Software expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to work with MSC. The MSC team provided powerful analysis and thoughtful advice to both teams to ensure they achieve their goals. The financial advisory firm main goal is to match entrepreneurs with the right strategic partners.


Recently, Madison Street capital provided end to end financial and recapitalization services to professional pipe Inc. (PPI). PPI deals with designing and installation of pipe process to manufacturing facilities. The company is renown on its big project with the nation’s largest poultry processors. The chief executive officer of Madison Street capital Charles Botchway made a formal statement on the transaction process and also inaugurated the project with PPI.


In 2017, Madison Street capital was announced as the winner of the M&A Advisor Awards for the M&A deal of the year. The award was precisely for the acquisition of the Acuna & Asociados S.A. The company was also a finalist of the investment banking firm of the year completion, strategic deal of the year ($10mm-50mm), and also a finalist of the professional services deal of the year.


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How Glen Wakeman’s Launchpad Company Helps Entrepreneurs Attract Funding

After spending close to three decades of his career steering businesses to operational and financial success, Glen Wakeman is turning a new leaf in life. The business growth hacker has now turned to consultancy. And with the establishment of his new company, Launchpad Holdings, Glen seeks to help budding entrepreneurs navigate the murky waters of funding their startups. To achieve this, Glen came up with what he refers to as the five-step methodology plan that every entrepreneur, regardless of their industry of operation, can use to critique and improve the probability of success of their business plan.


The five-step methodology


Glen Wakeman’s startup methodology explores the critical areas of a business plan that every investor is interested in and offers evaluation steps to help the entrepreneur improve them. These include marketing, operations, talent acquisition, finance, and risk management concepts. The methodology asks the entrepreneur such hard questions as whether they have top-notch marketing abilities, whether they have the necessary skills to bring their ideas to life and how they hope to fund the plan as well as how to manage the risks of possible loopholes in their plan.


About Glen Wakeman


The long-term business leader mentions that he arrived at this methodology after numerous interviews with entrepreneurs drawn from multiple industries. He argues that his methodology is just but a summary of the most common challenges faced by these entrepreneurs. He has, however, modified it to include his personal experience gained when he helped his long-term employer, General Electric, build a new division in Latin America from Scratch.


The Launchpad Holdings founder has had a long history of operating in the business world with a special inclination to the finance divisions. He would have his first exposure to business growth while working with General Electric where he started off at the lower service levels before climbing up the management ladder to an executive post within two decades.


His interests in startup financing and helping entrepreneurs would spike later when he was appointed to head of a new Latin America division that only existed in a business plan. Glen Wakeman was charged with the responsibility of actualizing this plan, a role he embraced with open arms. The methodology is, therefore, a summation of his experiences that he hopes to pass on to the next successful entrepreneurs.


Jorge Moll: Article recap on Brain Study and Brief Biographical Information

This will give information around a Neuroscientist from Brazil named Jorge Moll. An article written by Brian Harris from “releasefact” will be recapped called “Neuroscientist Jorge Moll Helps Uncover Basis of Human Morality”. Jorge Moll a neuroscience from the National Institute of Health headed a study. That study had been brining to mind compelling questions on how the physiology of the brain influences our sensation’s of altruism and morality.


This study had been put together when Moll joined with a neuroscientist named Jordan Grafman. This had been based over scanning the brains of participants as presented with situations involving using money for themselves or giving it for a charitable cause. The research conducted by the team displayed that when those who joined the study made choices that influenced others, a portion of the brain that was ancient turned on. The part that was activated usually has association with low brain functions like a response to something like food. Moll believes that we should give money because it causes us to feel good and it turns on our center of pleasure. The information that was found lend a belief to generations of spiritual leaders and philosophers who have long advised the thought that generosity can make us feel fulfilled more. This is the newest example regarding brain changes how we come near simple discussions on the human moral compass.


Now, some general information on Jorge Moll. Moll is both the President and director of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR). He has held the position since 2007. He also serves as a member on their governing board. For his education he attended the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He received an MD in Neurology from there and attended the school from 1989 to 1997. He also from 2000 to 2003 attended the Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz de Universidad de Sao Paulo”. There, he received a PhD in the subject of Experimental Physiopathology. He has also served as a Partner at VHM Ventures since March 2017. This was in the location of San Jose, California.

The Twitter Account Of Perry Mandera Shows Another Side Of Him

Those who know about Perry Mandera probably know about the business side of who he is. They know about the work that he has done as he has worked as the CEO of The Custom Companies, Inc. They know about the way that he has helped companies with their shipping needs. Those who know about this man might know about the time that he spent in the Marines. They might know about the way that he served his country and the good that he did while he was in the military. There is much that is known about Perry Mandera, and there is also a lot that some people do not know about this man.


Perry Mandera is someone who is interested in boxing. Those who take the time to check this man out on Twitter will see a whole different side of him that they did not know about before. They will have the chance to get to know him in a new way, getting deeper than just the work that he does for the company that he founded. On his Twitter account, this man shares post after post of boxing related content. His Twitter account is all about the boxing passion that he has.


The short biography of Perry Mandera that is shared on his Twitter profile lets the world know that he is someone who has managed boxers. He has managed both amateurs and professionals. He has taken the love of boxing that he has and he has used that to help him manage some individuals who choose to box. The Twitter profile also shares links to news articles about boxers and the sport of boxing. The profile gives those who are interested the chance to see a different side of this man and to understand what he is like when he is not focused on The Custom Companies, Inc.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Hands Over Leadership Of Bradesco Bank To Equally Talented Octavio De Lazari

In October last year, the second largest bank in Brazil began a journey that would see a change in the top leadership at the bank. This was after the former chairman, stepped down from his role at the age of 91 years. During his resignation, Lazaro Brandao was the oldest serving chairman of a financial institution.

The appointment of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi came at a time when Bradesco bank was experiencing stiff competition from their rivals, Itau Unibanco. Previously, he served in the institution as the president for nine years and the appointment came at a time when Luiz was about to celebrate his 10th year anniversary as the president of Bradesco.

The appointment of the new president
Following the appointment of Luiz as the chairman of the bank, the board of directors was required by the law to name the next president one month before the general shareholders meeting that was held in March this year. The banking regulations in Brazil don’t allow an individual to hold the offices of the president and chairman of the bank simultaneously for more than three months. The bank was forced to amend some of its regulations to allow Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to continue serving as the president past 65 years.

Octavio de Lazari was named as the replacement for Luiz and his appointment was confirmed during the general shareholders meeting in March this year. Both Luiz and Octavio de Lazari are among the longest-serving employees at Bradesco bank. Octavio who is currently at 58 years started serving in the company in 1978 while Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi began working as a banking clerk in 1969.

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The two have scaled the leadership ladder over the years to get to the top positions in Bradesco. Luiz worked in Bradesco Seguros from 2003-2009 as president before he was appointed to become the president. Octavio de Lazari also served in the same division before his recent appointment. The two gentlemen have brought forth several initiatives that helped to make Bradesco Seguros the best insurer in Latin America.

While talking to the journalists, Carlos Trabuco defended the appointment of Octavio de Lazari arguing that it was done on merit. Seven candidates lined up for the position of the president of Bradesco but the hammer fell on Octavio de Lazari. He has a wealth of experience especially in credit and insurance where he has been working for the last three decades.

Company’s performance
Even with the change in leadership, Bradesco managed to end 2017 on a high note. The bank recorded annual revenues that amounted to $76.3 billion Real. The company’s management hopes that the new leadership in the bank led by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will help to place the bank in the leading position after it was snatched by their rivals a few years ago.

The Brazilian economy has also improved significantly over the last few years. Experts in the banking industry predicted that customers would enjoy low-interest rates. The inflation levels have also been going downwards and the GDP has grown by 2-3 percent.



Ricardo Tosto is one of the most influential lawyers and entrepreneurs located in Brazil. It is through hard work and determination that he has grown to be the person he is. He gained his experience through working with many companies as well as in business litigation. Later, he was able to build one of the largest offices in the country as his channel to use his skills to help the public. Through the solving of many cases and defending many personalities, he has gained a great reputation all over the country.

He has influenced a lot of changes in the country through his specializations. For instance, Ricardo Tosto was among those in agreement to the creation of multi-national groups for politicians with various interests. Moreover, he was involved in the creation of the laws governing the economy of the country. The regulations outlined have been of great significance to the growth of the economy displaying his influence.

To be beneficial to the society, he has joined hands with other skilled lawyers who are in the forefront to create a project that would impact the nation. The law created is that which will ensure the local lawyers are eligible to have exchanges of resources and skills with the foreign lawyers. Therefore, the project will provide the laws become more productive and of significant benefits to the society.

Recently, Ricardo Tosto got involved in a case that was marital. The defendant was a married person whose relationship ended before the official divorce. Since he remarried, Ricardo Tosto views the recognition and dissolution of a stable union as uncouth since the legal wife was still in association and the current wife not legally recognized.

The dispute comes when the distribution of assets is online. According to law, those recognized in marriage are the ones who are to get the assists. However, the argument comes in as the ex-wife is the person who was involved in the acquisition of the assets together with the husband. On the other hand, the lawyer views the decision as null since the third party would bring an argument to prove the existence of their marriage.